Midnight at a local diner in Minot, ND

Arny’s Lounge is a great dive bar in the historic business district of Minot. The town features excellent examples of vintage neon signage.

Another local bar. The parking lot was jammed full of trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Minot became a modern day boomtown when oil was struck in the region in 2006.

Charlie’s is a local favorite also located in the historic business district. It’s open for breakfast/lunch and feels like you’re stepped back into the late 1960’s.

Minot to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, located in the North Dakota Badlands, is about a 3 1/2 hour road trip.


A small abandon prairie house on the frozen range.

Theodore Roosevelt was formally designated a National Park in 1978 and is the only National Park named for a person. The park encompasses much of T.R.’s land holdings when we was a rancher and cowboy in the Dakota Badlands in the late 1880’s. Roosevelt semi-permanently went West after his wife and mother died on the same day in their family home in New York City. He often credited his time in North Dakota with his recovery, gaining a broader national perspective, and shaping his conservation policy. He was the first president to have spent significant time West of the Mississippi.

T.R.’s Maltese Cross cabin, was his first home near Medora, ND. It currently stands 7 miles down river where it was originally constructed and resides behind the Visitor Center at Theodore Roosevelt’s Main Gate.

Theodore’s Door.

Skyline Vista in Theodore Roosevelt National Park (T.R.N.P)

Winter in the Badlands at T.R.N.P.

Throughout the park, rills (seen above) make up much of the elevation. According to one of the Rangers, these formations are technically rocks but are made of loose dirt and various organic materials that are constantly shifting. I thought they were beautiful.


An abstract view

Peaceful Valley Ranch sits within T.R.N.P. and was a working dude ranch until the 1930’s. It is the only original ranch still standing in the South Unit of the park.


Original log fencing. Peaceful Valley Ranch.

A view of the Little Missouri River Valley.

A buffalo stood close to the fence at one of the closed sections of Theodore Roosevelt. I walked slowly and stopped several times as I approached. I was in awe how close this amazing, wonderful animal allowed me to be.


Route 1806 back to Minot.

Every good adventure should begin and end in a diner.