Las Vegas has always been about dreams, lights and illusions. It’s an extreme fiction based on distraction. So what, if anything, is real?


Mon Ami Gabi in Paris has been voted one of the best places to have breakfast. They are known for their crépes – both savory and sweet. Try the lemon or the pear. Both are excellent. While you’re at it, order the “bowl of latte” for a buck more. Worth every hand-held sip.

The Waiter

Dinning room at Mon Ami Gabi.

Steel Paris

Underneath the Eiffel Tower at Paris in Las Vegas

Window Into Nobu

Nobu is another great restaurant located inside Cesar’s Palace. Passers-by are treated to a view inside the kitchen.

A copy of Michelangelo’s David is located on the way to the Forum Shops inside Cesar’s Palace. It’s breathtaking and worth seeing.

Vegas Taxi

I’ve always loved the views from taxicabs. This is the view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Fremont East

Downtown Las Vegas is about 15 minutes via car/cab from the Vegas Strip. The first hotels were built on Fremont Street in 1906. This area is littered with classic neon signage and is known as “Glitter Gulch.”

Old Vegas

Old Vegas – Fremont Street


Vintage martini

El Cortez

El Cortez was the first resort built in 1941 and started it all. In 1945, the resort was bought by Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel and his associates. They only held it for a year and turned a $166,000 profit. In today’s money, that’s a cool $2 Million.

Looking Back

An abstract view back up Fremont Street


Experience The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) is the world’s largest flat screen and the barrel-vaulted canopy encompasses five city blocks. On the hour, a light and music show treats visitors underneath to a visual/audio spectacle.

Flower Power

FSE Show featuring music and images from the late 60’s.


There are two featured stages for live performances at both ends of the FSE. A crowd gathers as two cellists begin to perform.

The Cellists

Mert and Jerry – collectively known as Bridge – rock the stage. They are electric cellists that perform a wide variety of music from The Beatles, Goyte, and even Metallica. You can hear some of their music here

You Are My Father

Darth Vader hugs a tourist after they snap a few pictures.

A trip to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without an Elvis sighting. The King was performing on the stage at the other end of FSE.

Vegas, Baby. Vegas.

Vegas, Baby. Vegas.

Beef, Booze, and Broads

The sign says it all.

Place Your Bet

A trip to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without a little Roulette.

The Strip

The Strip – Las Vegas, NV

Come Back Soon

So what is reality in Las Vegas? I tried to find bits and pieces. Why do we keep coming back? For me, it’s about seeing the new and pushing limits.