See Montauk Lighthouse

A popular summer destination on the eastern most point on Long Island, Montauk Point Light is a must-see in any season.

Montauk Lighthouse

The lighthouse was constructed in 1796 and was the first public works project in United States. It was under civilian operation until WWII.

Winter Skies

A view from the trail down to the beach below.

Winter Beach Abstract

Captain Kidd, a Scottish privateer who was later executed for piracy by the English Crown, is said to have buried treasure in the beaches below the bluff. Though none of this treasure has ever been recovered, you can still see Kidd’s significant contribution to the State of New York today. He was a primary benefactor and patron in the construction of Trinity Episcopal Church in lower Manhattan.

Beach Walk (Abstract)

The beach is empty except for a lone couple and their dog.

Winter Storm

In order to curb erosion, a beach wall was constructed in 2012.

Montauk Lighthouse B&W Abstract

Storm clouds gather.Winter Wind