Old Sacramento is located in downtown Sacramento, CA and is a designated National Landmark. The historic district has been preserved and is an excellent example of mid-19th century Spanish architecture.

The area features specialty shops, ice cream parlors, coffee houses, and several dinning establishments.

Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records is a great example of the off-beat, fabulous, and quirky coolness to be found in Old Sacramento.

Apart from an incredible collection of vinyl for sale, Brooks also specializes in vintage posters, pinball and slot machines.

The staff at Brooks is incredibly friendly and extremely knowledgable. If you’re into music, vintage, and discovering something rare, this place is for you.

Old cobblestone streets outline the historic district.

Even if you only have time for a quick bite, Old Sac is a unique destination and shouldn’t be missed.

The Central Pacific Railroad Depot offers the chance to step further back in time with a fully functional rail station. The depot has been reconstructed and appears as if would have in the 1870’s.

Take a ride in a classic passenger rail car. All aboard!

The California State Railroad Museum is located nearby the depot and is another great attraction within Old Sacramento. The museum features fully restored rail cars, Pullman sleepers, and glimpse into how the West became linked to the rest of the country through the Transcontinental Railroad.

Tower Bridge is within walking distance behind Old Sacramento and is an impressive feat of engineering and architecture.

The bridge is still in use for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Take a stroll along the side and get a wonderful view below of the Sacramento River.

Construction on Tower Bridge began in 1933 and was completed in 1935. The bridge mildly resembles its namesake in London, and, like its cousin, is also a vertical lift bridge desgined to accommodate river traffic.

The view from Tower Bridge up to the California State House.

Back in Old Sacramento, Evangeline’s Costume Mansion is another shop not to be missed. If you’ve ever thought of being it, they’ve got everything you need to become it.

Slow down and step back in time.


For more information on Old Sacramento, here is their website: http://oldsacramento.com/