New York City

36 Hours in New York and what to do? Here’s a few ideas….


Take a cab or the subway down to the High Line.

The High Line is a greenway constructed on top of an old NYC rail line that used to connect parts of the Lower West Side. The trains were primarily used for industrial and manufacturing purposes. The High Line opened in 2009 and offers a unique perspective of Manhattan.

The roughly 1 mile of elevated green space runs from Gravsevoot Street to West 30th. Sections of the old tacks are visible in the park’s design.

Grab a coffee, a good book or simply people watch from the multiple seating areas built along the way.

Old Industrial elements are seamlessly woven into the walkways.

After you’ve finished strolling, head to Sullivan Street to Once Upon a Tart. One of my favorite cafes and a Soho institution.

The cafe features a range of espresso drinks, teas, baked goods and sandwiches. Of course, they are also known for their tarts – both savory and sweet.


Shopping in Soho is a must. In the distance, the Freedom Tower.

Some may go to church to worship. Personally, I pay homage at Leica.

Hop a cab or take the subway back up to Grand Central Station. It shouldn’t be missed. Try the Oyster Bar located underneath. Incredible.


Bryant Park is another great spot and in the summer features outdoor movies in the evenings. Hungry? Thirsty? Don’t worry food and beverage stands line the perimeter.


36 Hours? I’ve just given you a few ideas but anything can happen in New York.